What is Translating?

Translating is an ‘art’. It isn’t enough to be able to translate from one language to another – as any fellow translator will tell you. The idea is that the ‘translated text’ should not be seen as such, it should read as if it was the text of origin. It should be true to the source text, but respect the grammatical rules of the target language, and take into consideration any local colloquialisms, for example; something that isn’t always easy to do.

It is important for translators to keep up-to-date with changes in their areas of expertise. Not only this, but also in the profession of translating itself. We regularly attend virtual training courses and events, which are directly intended for translators and continued professional development (CPD).

No matter how good a translation is, it should always be proofread by a 2nd native translator of the target language, which is why we always use the ‘four eyes principle’. This ensures that any typo that may slip through will be caught before the file is delivered to the client. This is just one of the quality checks we use at Gray’s Translations.